Country based content

Automatic country selection

Every form field that the user needs to fill is a potential point for losing them. In this tutorial, we show you how Big Tags helps you improve a common signup or checkout form by automatically selecting the country in a dropdown element. More

Country based personalization

Showing different content for users coming from different countries is becoming more and more relevant for sites of all sizes. In this tutorial, we show how to personalize your site by the user's country in just a few minutes. More

Improving analytics

A/B testing with Google Analytics

A/B testing is a handy way of analyzing which content and advertising works the best to attract users to your page. Big Tags makes it easy to display different content for users coming to your page from different sources and log the results in Google Analytics. More


Redirecting users by tags

Big Tags redirect plugin makes it easy to redirect users to different URLs based on their tags. More

Using Big Tags with a tag manager

Big Tags work with tag managers mostly out of the box, but there are few things that need to be taken into account to have them work properly. Specifically, we have tested Big Tags with Google Tag Manager, but if you have interest in other tag managers contact us. More